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After trying Google Sites a few years ago and finding it rather disappointing, We are back and are finding ourselves surprised and quite satisfied and impressed with the integration of Google products as Google Drive, Google+, and more.

And in the process of playing around creating a few sites we came across the Nivo Slider again, which has been growing in popularity over the years. Here at Wohphi we have always liked the Nivo Slider by dev7studios. We must say those kids have pulled off a wonderful product.

Now lets get down to business.

How does one insert the Nivo Slider into Google Sites?

As with most things there is often more than one answer. However we are going to only tackle one solution here at Wohphi. Though we will offer more than one option for this solution.

Using Google Drive to host Nivo Slider Demo in Google Sites.


Access Wohphi's Nivo Slider files
Hosted on Google Drive

Use your own Google Drive to
Host Nivo Slider files

Simple, Fast, Secure, and Easy to Use! For the DO IT YOURSELF'ers


Nivo Slider Demo hosted on Google Drive

Now that you can see the Nivo Slider Demo fully functioning above, while being hosted on Google Drive. Lets show you how to do it.