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Use Google Drive to host Nivo Slider Demo files
For the DO IT YOURSELF'ers

  1. From within Google Drive locate the Download Google Drive link on the left underneath your Drive folders.

  2. Next read through the Google Terms of Service and Google Apps Terms of Service and if you accept click the Accept and Install button, otherwise click Cancel.

    Upon accepting the Google & Google Apps Terms of Service, Google Drive will commence installing Google Drive, which normally takes a few seconds (45 or more). While directing you to their Thank You for trying Google Drive page. 

    download Google Drive Thank You

    Upon completion of installation, Google Drive will automatically launch on your computer and ask you to login to your Google Drive account.

  3. Login to your Google Drive account on your computer to setup Google Drive.

  4. A box labeled Getting Started Step 1 of 2 and titled Welcome to Google Drive allows you to Opt In to share crash report and usage statistics with Google. Select whether you want to share or not and click next.

    Welcome to Google Drive

  5. Now your on Getting Started Step 2 of 2, titled Google Drive on the Web. !important! Don't jump to clicking next to quickly. You have two (2) options here Start Sync or Advanced Setup.

    Google Drive on the web

    1. Start Sync: before you click Start Sync understand that the default is your My Documents folder within your computer (PC). So, if you are cool with having access to your entire document list via your new Google Drive, which is limited to 5 Gigabytes. Click Start Sync and skip to STEP 3: Download Nivo Slider.

      NOTE, we recommend you still click Advanced Setup that you may select the folders you want to have sync within your My Documents folder to your Google Drive account. This prevents unwanted folders and files cluttering your Google Drive account.

    2. Advanced Setup recommended why it allows you to choose an existing folder or create a new folder for Google Drive to sync with; manage which folders are permitted to sync; and decided whether you want to start Google Drive automatically when you start your computer.

      Advanced Setup - Google Drive

      For these instructions we are going to create a new folder titled Google Drive on our Desktop. Continue to section 6 to create a new folder.

  6. In Advanced Setup for Folder Location click the button Change. A window titled Browse For Folder should appear.

    Browse for Folder

  7. Click the button Make New Folder and rename new folder to Google Drive.

  8. Click another folder then re-click Google Drive folder you just made. The name Google Drive should appear in the Folder text box.

  9. Click OK

    Advanced Setup - Google Drive

  10. Sync Options there are no folders in the new folder you just created, we will skip this option. And leave checked Sync Google Docs files. This can be updated later at any time through Google Drive Preferences.

  11. Misc. decided if you want to Start Google Drive automatically when you start your computer.

  12. Click the button Start Sync.

STEP 2 Done! Google Drive is now on your computer.

On to STEP 3: Download Nivo Slider

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