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Use Google Drive to host Nivo Slider Demo files
For the DO IT YOURSELF'ers


The purpose for sharing the Nivo Slider files in Google Drive is to allow you to use your files anywhere on the Web. In order to access your files stored on Google Drive through the Web you will need to acquire the Link to Share URL.
  1. Go to drive.google.com

  2. Open your Nivo Slider folder allowing you to view all the sub-folders

    Nivo Slider files in Google Drive

  3. Next click the check box of jquery.nivo.slider.js

  4. Additional buttons will appear at the top click on the More button

  5. Scroll down to Share then over to Share and click Share.

    Share Nivo Slider files in Google Drive

  6. Now the jquery.nivo.slider.js file Sharing Settings should appear. Under Who has access click the Change link.

    Retrieve shared link for Nivo Slider file in Google Drive

  7. Now select the option Anyone who has the link can view

  8. Click the Save button for Sharing settings visibility options

    Visibility for Nivo Slider file in Google Drive

  9. Now copy the URL in the Link to share text box for jquery.nivo.slider.js in Sharing Settings.

  10. Next create a new Google Document, titled Nivo Slider - Links to share or some other file you will easily remember and have access to.

  11. Paste jquery.nivo.slider.js Link to share URL into the new Google Document title it Nivo Slider - Links to share . (NOTE: Don't forget to label each link with the file name it refers to.)

    Private Nivo Slider file in Google Drive

  12. Repeat parts 3 through 11 for all the files within the Nivo Slider folder, including sub-folders demo, demo>images, and themes>default. Perhaps your Google Document will look something similar to this below.

    Nivo Slider Google Drive Links to Share

  13. Double Check that you have all the Google Drive Link to Share URLs for your Nivo Slider Demo files. Use the list below as a reference.
  • nivo_slider - collection (folder)
    • jquery.nivo.slider.js
    • jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js
    • license.txt
    • nivo-slider.css 
    • README

  • nivo_slider > demo - collection (folder)
    • demo.html
    • style.css

  • nivo_slider > demo > images - collection (folder)
    • dev7logo.png
    • nemo.jpg
    • toystory.jpg
    • up.jpg 
    • walle.jpg

  • nivo_slider > themes > default - collection (folder)
    • default.css
    • arrows.png
    • bullets.png
    • loading.gif

STEP 4 Done! Sweet, all the files are shared and ready for service. You are well on your way to hosting your own Nivo Slider Demo through Google Drive.

On to STEP 5: Modify Nivo Slider files Link to Share URLs