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Use Google Drive to host Nivo Slider Demo files
For the DO IT YOURSELF'ers


The Nivo Slider style.css file needs to be modified to reflect the new file locations for your Nivo Slider Demo on Google Drive.
  1. Go to your Google Drive folder you recently setup on your computer

    Google Drive on your computer

  2. Find the Nivo Slider folder and files your recently downloaded

  3. Open the Nivo Slider folder then find and open the demo folder

    Google Drive Nivo Slider demo folder

  4. Find the file titled style.css and open it in an editor

  5. Find the text / id #dev7link, about line 73.

    Nivo Slider style.css - id - #dev7link

  6. Cut and paste the complete id for #dev7link to a Google Document or Note Pad file and title it Nivo Slider dev7link id.

    Nivo Slider style.css - id - #dev7link - removed

  7. Save the style.css file. NOTE: Make sure you save the style.css file to the demo folder that will sync to your Google Drive account automatically.

  8. Start Google Drive on your computer and the style.css should automatically sync to your Google Drive account.

STEP 6 Done! Your style.css file has been modified. Only two (2) more files to Edit / modify.

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