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Use Google Drive to host Nivo Slider Demo files
For the DO IT YOURSELF'ers

STEP 9: Launch Google Drive hosted Nivo Slider Demo in Google Sites

Your almost there. Soon you will have the Nivo Slider Demo up in your Google Sites.
  1. Sign in to Google Sites at sites.google.com

  2. Go to the your page you want to place the Nivo Slider Demo on

  3. View the page in edit mode

  4. Place the curse where you want the Nivo Slider Demo to appear

  5. Click to Insert in the top left menu

  6. Select more gadgets

  7. Choose the Include gadget (iframe) gadget, usually second done in featured gadgets

  8. Open the Google Document file titled Nivo Slider Link to Share that you created earlier

  9. Find the Link to share URL for demo.html

  10. Insert the demo.html Link to share URL into URL to Content text box (NOTE: make sure you are using the URL with the uc modification to it, otherwise it will not work)

  11. Width input 570 pixels

  12. Height input 400 pixels

  13. Uncheck Include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary

  14. Uncheck Include a border around gadget

  15. Check Display title on gadget

  16. Input title text as Nivo Slider Demo hosted on Google Drive

  17. Click Ok, and you are DONE!
FINISHED! HAPPINESS! YIP! YIP! YIP! Enjoy your Google Drive hosted Nivo Slider Demo in Google Sites.

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These instructions give you the basics tools to allow you to create your own Google Drive hosted Nivo Sliders in Google Sites.

Wohphi will be hosting Free Nivo Slider Themes through Google Drive for those interested in using them. Learn how to use these Free Nivo Slider Themes with your own images and captions.